Company Profile

At Green Island we are committed to bringing our clients authentic and unique products from around the world that are made to a very high standard. Wherever possible our distilleries are traditional and family owned and operated. Many of our brands are handcrafted with small production which offers light relief from the many mass produced and universally available products that dominate the market. We are also very selective in choosing where our brands are placed, preferring to sell only to top-end on-trade outlets where there is a proven passion for quality products. This exclusivity means our clients are guaranteed in turn, a Unique Selling Proposition for their customers.

We started with rum from Mauritius and now are the sole importers to the UK from 3 different distilleries on the island. Mauritius is perhaps the only island to produce both; traditional rum made from molasses and rhum agricole which is made from free-run sugar cane juice. This factor is due to the fascinating and unique history of the island, It’ important for us that our clients are aware of this background and consequently we offer a comprehensive training and tasting session on Mauritius and its rum for staff and the general public.

In our Cachaça range we are proud to have Pingo de Ouro. In 1956, Dom Alzemiro Agostinho Coelho, founded the company as a family business with a passion to produce quality cachaça. Today the company is run by his sons, Dom Gilson and Antonio Coelho keeping up the family tradition. Pingo de Ouro means drop of gold and pinga is a common brazilian nickname for cachaça which is derived from the drips of condensation that drop from the ceiling in the distilleries where cachaça is produced.

Terra Dourada and Terra Dourada Ouro are also cachaça in our portfolio and conform to our very high standard.

The Tequila we import is Casa Tequila XQ which is located in the valley of Amatitan in Jalisco. This family has been producing Tequila for the last three generations. They are committed to producing quality tequila in an authentic way, from growing and hand selecting their own agave to using traditional ovens. All the tequilas in the range are estate bottled and conform to a very high standard. Testament to the quality of product produced at Casa Tequila XQ was confirmed in 2003 and 2005 when they won First National Place at the Academia Mexicana Del Tequila; and in 2006 was awarded a gold medal at The 2006 International Review of Spirits in the USA.

We also import vodka from the traditional polmos distillery at Wroclaw in Poland. The signature vodka from this distillery is Krakus, which is one of the oldest brands in Poland. We also carry the other vodkas produced at this well known distillery; Wratislavia and Faust. All the products in the range are very smooth on the palate with a clean taste and great, soft length. Perfect for martinis!

We are currently very excited by the newest addition to our portfolio – Terra Vermelha – a 100% Organic Cachaça recently certified by the UK Organic Food Federation. In line with our general philosophy Terra Vermelha is a handcrafted product which offers our clients and their customers in turn a fantastic USP.